Application Guidelines

Please ensure you have read these carefully before completing the Pre-Application Questionnaire

Applications for project funding are now closed. If you are interested in applying for funding please submit a Pre-Application Questionnaire and you will be invited to submit a full application during the next window. The Pre-Application Questionnaire will close on the 31st July. Please complete the questionnaire before that date.

ACWW welcomes applications from small and medium-sized (annual income less than £150,000) women’s groups, NGOs, educational institutions or umbrella organisations in less developed countries. ACWW supports projects which are run mainly by women, and directly benefit women and/or children.

Only ONE Pre-Application Questionnaire can be submitted in any six-month period so please ensure that you read the following guidance carefully and only complete the Questionnaire when you have all the required information ready.

ACWW will use the information provided in the Pre-Application Questionnaire to establish the eligibility of your organisation to apply for funding and the suitability of your project proposal. The Projects Committee meets twice a year to consider proposals, usually in March and October. We would advise non-member organisations to complete the Pre-Application Questionnaire at least 9 months before the next meeting. Rejected organisations will be informed via email, and short-listed organisations will be invited to submit a full application and advised of upcoming deadlines and Projects Committee meeting dates.

Please note that only a limited amount of funding is available for distribution each year and many otherwise worthwhile organisations and proposals must be rejected.

You will need the following information to complete the Pre-Application Questionnaire:

Section 1: ABOUT YOU

Full name / Position in organisation / Email address
Please give your job title if you are a paid staff member or any official role you hold in a voluntary capacity (eg Chairperson, Treasurer)


Name of your organisation / Address of your organisation / Is your organisation a member of ACWW?
ACWW accepts funding applications from both member and non-member organisations. Member organisations are NOT currently required to complete the pre-application questionnaire. Please contact ACWW Central Office for further advice.

Have you read the ACWW Funding Guidelines document?
Please read these guidelines carefully to assist you in completing the questionnaire.

Are you a non-governmental organisation that has been registered for more than two years?
In order to apply, your organisation MUST have been registered as an NGO in your country for at least two years. ACWW only funds projects that take place in the same country where the organisation is registered and that directly benefit women and children in those countries.

In which country are you registered?
ACWW does not fund projects in the more developed countries of the world including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. Applications for project funding must come directly from partner organisations or registered branches in less developed countries. Although we understand that there is often the most need in places of conflict or unrest, ACWW has a responsibility to its donors and project recipients to ensure sustainability and good practice. We are therefore guided by the UK Foreign Office on where projects can realistically be monitored safely. We are currently unable to fund in the following countries: Pakistan, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria. This list is not exhaustive, and is kept under review.

Is your organisation women-led?
ACWW considers an organisation to be women-led if women hold the majority of key decision- making roles (e.g. Executive Director, Chair, President, CEO, Programme Manager).

Applications from organisations where at least 80% of those in decision-making positions are women will be given priority for funding. We also look at how many employees and active volunteers with the organisation are women.

How many paid staff does your organisation employ? / How many of these are women?
To calculate the percentage divide the number of women staff by the total number of staff and multiply by 100.

How many volunteers work with your organisation? / How many of these are women?
To calculate the percentage divide the number of women volunteers by the total number of volunteers and multiply by 100.

Does your organisation have members?
Yes or no.

How many members does your organisation have? / How many of these are women?
To calculate the percentage divide the number of women members by the total number of members and multiply by 100.

What is the average annual income of your organisation (local currency)? / How much is this in £GBP?
Please include all income sources (earned income, grants, donations, sponsorship etc.) and specify the exact income amount in your local currency. Then choose which income bracket it falls under in £GBP. Use a currency converter such as to convert your local currency to £GBP.

ACWW will prioritise proposals from small organisations with an annual income of less than £100,000 and discourages organisations with an annual income over £150,000 from applying for funding, as this is a small grants opportunity targeted at smaller organisations.

Does your organisation have a bank account capable of receiving foreign donations?
The bank account provided must be in the country where the project is to be implemented, so all authorisation necessary to receive foreign donations into the account must be in place before applying for a grant.

Can you provide the following documents with your application? NGO Registration Certificate AND Independently Audited Accounts or Financial Statement?
If invited to submit a full application you must also provide a copy of your organisation’s Registration Certificate (or Constitution / Trust Deed) and Independently Audited Accounts or Financial Statements for the previous two years (if available).

ACWW also requires that all grant funding recipients submit an audited financial statement at the end of the project and so prefers to fund organisations whose accounts have already been inspected by an independent auditor. Consolidated accounts signed by the organisation’s management committee may be considered suitable at application stage, provided that they are of good quality and the organisation will engage the services of an independent auditor to monitor grant expenditure.


What is the proposed title of your project?

What type of project is it?
You will be required to choose the ACWW funding criteria that your project falls under. If there are more criteria covered by the project activities, please choose the one most closely related to the overall aim of the project. The examples of project activity included for each category are for guidance only.

Education and Capacity Building

  • Literacy for adults and children
  • Skill training
  • Adult education
  • Primary education for all children
  • Leadership development
  • Community development and leadership training in the field of social welfare

Nutrition, Good Health, and Wellbeing

  • Family welfare, primary health and first aid training
  • Health education and awareness of widespread communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Education in nutrition
  • Food safety awareness

Sustainable Agriculture, Training and Development

  • Small items of equipment
  • Organic and sustainable agricultural techniques
  • Establishment of seed banks and support groups for small-scale farmers

Income Generation and Livelihood

  • Small business initiatives
  • Revolving loan schemes
  • Business skills development

Sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Energy

  • Access to water
  • Water conservation and security
  • Improvement and access to sanitation facilities
  • Clean and renewable energy

Maternal and Reproductive Health

  • Promotion of breast feeding
  • Practices to reduce maternal mortality
  • Prevention of female genital mutilation
  • Education and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights

ACWW will NOT fund:
The purchase of land, motor vehicles or items of large mechanical equipment; emergency relief work; capital infrastructure projects (buildings); on-going office administration and salary expenses.

Will your project benefit disadvantaged women and girls? How many women and girls will directly benefit from your project?
ACWW only considers funding applications for small-scale development projects that directly involve and benefit women and / or children.

In which country will the project take place?
ACWW does not fund projects in the more developed countries of the world including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe.

ACWW cannot accept applications for projects that will take place in areas where it is not safe for ACWW Resource Persons to carry out a monitoring visit.

How much do you estimate the project will cost in total (local currency)?
The total cost of the project is the overall amount that the project will cost, including the ACWW grant, the applicant’s local contribution amount (in cash or in kind) and any other sources of funding. The local currency is the currency that you will be using for project expenditure.

Please note that all applicants are required to contribute at least 25% of the total project cost. The applicant’s contribution can be in cash or in kind (volunteer time, provision of venue or other facilities, etc.). Example:

Total project cost = 4,000,000 Indian Rupees ACWW Grant 3,000,000 Indian Rupees + Applicant’s local contribution 1,000,000 Indian Rupees

How much funding will you apply to ACWW for (local currency)?
This is the amount of the grant in local currency that you would like to apply to ACWW for in order to deliver this project.

How much is this in £GBP?
Use a currency converter such as to convert your local currency to £GBP. The maximum grant amount permitted for non-member organisations is £5,000.

Please give a brief description of the project: (Text box with 250-word limit)
Include information about what you are hoping to achieve with the project and the changes you want to see in your target group. e.g.: ‘increased access to reliable, clean water’ plus examples of the main activities that will be funded with the ACWW grant e.g. ‘provision of water harvesting tanks’. Also briefly mention what the current situation is in the project area and why your planned project is needed.

Section 4: SUBMIT

Only ONE Pre-Application Questionnaire can be submitted in any six month period so please ensure that you have completed the form correctly and do not wish to make any changes.

Once you have successfully submitted your pre-application questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation message and email with a summary of your responses. ACWW will be in contact to inform you whether you are welcome to submit a full application or not. Since we receive a large number of applications, it may take some time to respond. If after four weeks you have not received a response then contact for more information.

Please note that due to limited funds and the volume of applications we receive, some otherwise suitable applications will unfortunately have to be rejected.

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