Project Reports

Types of Report

When ACWW's Projects Committee meets and selects projects for funding, they are ratified by the Board of Trustees and, at that point, issued with a Project Number. An initial Project Profile will be published (visit our Projects Page to see the latest profiles) and then, as we receive them, we will publish Progress Reports.

ACWW believes that careful evaluation is an important part of ensuring that our empowerment projects are productive and successful, and we aim to visit all current projects during their cycle. Evaluation Reports are published once a project has been visited.

Final Reports come, as you would expect, when a project is completed and are often complimented by Follow-Up Reports if ACWW has been able to visit the project again to assess post-completion sustainability.

These reports cover the majority of ACWW projects since 2017, and more are added when we receive updates from our projects around the world.

You can also now download the Impact Report for ACWW projects reporting in 2019 here:

2019 Project Impact Report