South Pacific 2021

The South Pacific Area Conference was ACWW's first ever international conference held online. You can watch the whole video on this page, just by clicking below.

Conference Programme
  • Opening Flag Ceremony & Song of Peace
  • Area President's Welcome - Gail Commens JP
  • World President's Introduction - Magdie de Kock
  • Area President's Report and Update - Gail Commens JP
  • Summary of the Financial Report - Gail Commens
  • World President's Presentation - Magdie de Kock
  • Central Office Report - Tish Collins
  • International Women's Day Video
  • Guest Speaker on International Women's Day
  • Results of the vote to host the next Area Conference
  • Results of the vote on Resolutions to the next Triennial World Conference
  • Conclusions
  • The Song of Peace

  • Hosts of the next Area Conference

    We received one bid to host the next ACWW South Pacific Area Conference, and this came from Griffith, New South Wales (of the CWA of New South Wales, Australia). Because of this, we will be delighted to accept their bid, and look forward to a wonderful event in happier times joining our colleagues in Griffith.

    Area President's Report and Financial Documents for the Area Conference

    Below are the documents presented by Area President Gail Commens JP to the membership of the ACWW South Pacific Area. Please read carefully before the Area Conference, so they can be discussed.

    Click Here to download the Area President's Financial Report
    Click Here to download the Financial Statement
    Click Here to download the Auditor's Report
    Resolutions to the 30th Triennial World Conference

    ACWW Policy Resolutions give your Member Society the opportunity to have its voice heard on the global stage. Resolutions are brought by societies from all over the world to the Triennial World Conference, where voting member societies decide which ones should be adopted by popular vote. Those which are adopted provide a mandate for action for all members globally - this is what gives ACWW its policy agenda and informs the Strategic Plan adopted by the Board at the start of each Triennium. The South Pacific Area have submitted 4 resolutions for consideration at the Area Conference - those which are adopted will go forward for consideration at the Triennial World Conference.

    Click Here to read the Resolutions
    A Note on Tours and Refunds

    "Since August 2020, we have been continuing to contact Gertrude for the PNG Tour refunds to be returned. She has still not returned your money. Please do not give Gertrude your Banking details as we have instructed her to refund all money to just one Australian account for distribution to you." Gail Commens and Lyn Braico

    Reports of Work from Member Societies

    The following reports have been submitted by Member Societies in the South Pacific Area.

    Country Women's Association of the Nothern Territory Country Women's Association in Tasmania, Inc. Kiribati Irekenrao Country Women Organisation (KICWO) Rural Women New Zealand Mid East Provincial RWNZ Rimanui South Australian Country Women’s Association Inc. WAB South Australia Inc. Country Women's Assocation of Victoria, Inc. Country Women's Assocation of Australia Country Women's Assocation of New South Wales Queensland Country Women's Association Giligili Country Women's Association
    Conference Timeline

    5 December 2020
    Circulation of Resolutions for Consideration / Admendment

    1 February 2021
    Deadline for Amendments to Resolutions

    1 February 2021
    Deadline for sending Presentations to Host the next Area Conference

    15 February 2021
    Online Voting opens on Resolutions

    15 February 2021
    Online Voting opens on next Area Conference venue

    1 March 2021
    Voting Closes on Resolutions

    1 March 2021
    Voting Closes on next Area Conference venue

    8 March 2021
    Live Digital Area Conference